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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Precious Williams, liar, fantasist and total all-around-waste-of- time- poppet.

Precious Williams is claiming that the case she brought against me for allegedly harassing / stalking / whatever was not dropped, rather adjourned, that I have been arrested last night when in fact I was at the Tavistock Writers' Group with my good friend Si Baker and others, that I have tried to kill myself and am at the Priory etc etc .

The facts are quite simple to ascertain, anyone doubting shoud get in touch with Kieran McCool ( the man with the bestest name in the legal world) at Tooks Chambers on 0207 842 6100. Oh, you could also try the Bexley Magistrate's Court where this non event happened. 020 8304 5211

And for those who still have time to waste on this, below is a copy of my complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission's Kieran Coleman.

to,, Kieran Coleman

date Mon, May 17, 2010 at 2:58 PM

subject DC Evans


hide details May 17 (3 days ago)

Please see below a complaint re Lola Beckles of Lewisham Police station. Please investigate what involvement DC Evans had in this, the matter was dropped today at Bexley Magistrates Court because once again it was built on lies and police misinformation.

DC Evans did know about it and I want you to establish the level of his interference. Last August the CPS referred to it, in a bail hearing for another matter which was later dropped, at West London Magistrates' Court, claiming I had been harassing a woman in South London and although I wasn't questioned about this for another four months, Precious Williams the so-called victim in the matter claims to have discussed with police in July 09 and states she might feel safer if I were to be held on remand.

I find this completely sickening. This is now the second case in less than 8 months which has fallen apart and in which DC Timothy Evans had played a hand behind the scenes by interfering with other investigations / witnesses. I have asked my solicitors to refer a case against Precious Williams to the DPP Kier Starmer against her for perverting the course of justice and wasting police time. I have also consulted Islington Police about filing a complaint against her, as she is now engaging in abusive behaviour by contacting my friends and claiming the case wasn't dropped, merely adjourned. This is another of her lies.

Please revert as a matter of extreme urgency


Farah Damji

Copy of Complaint to IPCC
I was arrested in November 2009 on allegations of harassment and racist and threatening e mails and text messages to a fantasist known as Precious Williams. At interview, I kept asking the officer to show me the evidence which was not forthcoming until today, some six months later, when the matter was set for trial at Bexley Magistrate's Court. THE CPS offered no evidence and the matter was dropped.

At the time of interview I submitted a lot of information from various news sources including the Guardian and Madame Arcati, a noteable media blog, about Precious Williams which showed she has done this repeatedly to other people, including the newsreader Jon Snow and that nothing she says can be believed. She alleged a six year affair with him and sold her story to the Mail on Sunday who then had to retract because it was just untrue. The arresting officer, also a Nigerian woman had absolutely NO idea what she was doing and refused to consider sheafs of documents which showed that Precious is deranged and a publicity and attention seeker with a bad case of Munchausens. She has a 19 year old daughter she refers to as "that fat bitch". Today, none of that information was not in the CPS Prosecutor's files. The policewoman is so stupid that she left voice mail messages on my phone which I still have, thinking she was calling Precious, threatening and intimidating her to continue with the case when she had obviously expressed reluctance because she knew she was going to be found out as a liar of bad character. DC Lola Beckles didn't pass on the information about Precious would have assisted the CPS in making a decision about whether to prosecute or not. It is not mentioned in her case summary.

This woman Precious, has tried to be a thorn in my side for almost a year now. It started when she sent me some sample chapters of her mawkish horridly sticky and badly written biography, (which I might post up her if she continues to tangle with me), for blurb because she thought the poor editor tasked with dealing with her book was a racist and "didn't understand her." She alleges she is from Nigerian royalty, in fact that she is a princess. NOT. Her mother was a cleaner and of course there is nothing wrong with that.

There was absolutely NO evidence, except Precious' fabricated e mails which were not delivered to my barrister till today, in the vain hope that we would just go along with them and I would cop a plea at the last minute. When my barrister explained we needed more time and that the e mails' veracity was in question, the Judge was minded to offer us more time so the CPS could contact my e mail server to see if I had really sent them. The CPS barrister went to talk to Precious about the adjournment and she then refused to come back another day. She also lied to the court saying she had a Dr's appointment and could not attend in the hope that she could simply delay this matter. She attended because obviously the Dr's appointment was a lie. This is not just a matter of police inefficiency, this policewoman withheld the documents I gave her at interview which were part of my interview and are referred to on the tape.

There is also the issue of an ongoing in-depth investigation , against DC Tim Evans being conducted by DS Hywel Brain at the Met Police's Directorate of Professional Standards who can be reached on 0208 785 8819 the complaint reference number is PC/1589/09 and I want to know if he had any contact whatsoever with DC Beckles about-this or other cases because if that is the case then clearly it is quite a serious matter of police collusion to try and frame someone for something, which he has previously tried to do to me and which is why is currently under investigation for several counts of subverting evidence, intimidating witness and perjury as well as perverting the course of justice.

Farah Damji

tel: 07XXX 3XX XXX

This is the very last I am going to say about it except that if I was afraid for my life and all the other nonsense Precious claimed and had to return to court to see my aggressor face her misdeeds, I would have pitched my tent outside the court, to see justice done. We witnessed summonsed her publishers who for some unknown reason have delayed publication of her tawdry, maudlin and mawkish little "biography", Jon Snow and people at The Mail on Sunday were prepared to give evidence.

She retained a solicitor, Peter Adediran to try and get my ethical fashion website shut down and also to try and get Madame Arcati shut down but he realised she was a psycho when she started to threaten him when she couldn't pay his bill. He took the matter to Civil Court and she was ordered t o pay by the Judge. She lied to the Court about her address, claiming she lived in Guilford, when in fact she lives in Lewisham ( no idea, never been there, wouldn't want to, what on earth for). Peter was repeatedly attacked by Precious' little cohort a Malcolm Girling who posted defamatory material all over the web and was ordered to stop, got a restraining order slammed on him and had to pay Peter's costs. Peter contacted me, something he shouldn't have done, as Precious' ex-lawyer because he had heard about her case against me, to see if he could help MY case. His posting about that is here.

Now Precious is sending "letters before action" to various websites, because poppet can dish it out but the second someone points out what a sick psychosnatch she is, she doesn't like it so much. She tried it today with Hackney Hive and was told to sling her hook.

Lesson in all of this?

Learn to leave well enough alone.

I have spent the whole day today being convinced NOT to pursue Precious-the-bitch through the civil courts and I'm not convinced. My advice? Go find a dark room somewhere and cry

"Chaperone please?"

To anyone who'll listen.

Just stay OUT of my airspace. Fantasising vermin like this don't exist in my life.